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Safety Statements

The health and safety of all employees who may be affected by an organisations work activities is a legal requirement. How an organisation identifies, assesses and manages risks in the workplace as well as arrangements that have been put in place to achieve this are detailed in a safety Statement.

Risk Assessment

Good health and safety management is exemplified by good risk assessment. All employers no matter what the size of the business are required to carry out a risk assessment at their place of work and to keep a written record of that risk assessment. 

There can be a stigma towards carrying out a Risk Assessment because it is considered over complicated, difficult to complete and unnecessary. A Risk Assessment is simply taking a look at what in your place of work or about your work activities could potentially cause harm to your staff and visitors to your place of business and solving the control measures you can implement to reduce the risk.

Pregnancy Risk Assessment

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Regulations comes into force when a member of staff informs her employer that she is pregnant, has recently given birth or is breastfeeding and provides the correct medical certificate. From this point on, they must determine the potential risks in the workplace and take steps to ensure that she is not exposed to anything, which would damage either her health or that of her child.